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Mike Gurrola is the inheritor of a great jazz bass legacy. The music of Ray Brown inspired him to focus on the bass as a high school student, and he soon found himself under the mentorship of renowned bassist, composer, arranger, Grammy winner, and Brown protege John Clayton. Since 2013, Mike has toured and recorded with pianist Eric Reed and also stays busy with other jazz A-listers including Jeff Hamilton, Graham Dechter, Peter Bernstein, Ralph Moore, and Roy McCurdy. The Los Angeles native never fails to impress with maturity, musicianship, and experience that are beyond his years, a walking example of Clayton's mantra: "If you're good to the music, the music will be good to you."

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"The bassist has one of the hardest jobs in the Jazz band: he has to provide support for the harmonic and melodic creations by the other musicians. His notes and rhythms have to propel the band outward and upward. Mike does this with strength and humility. He has a well-rounded knowledge of the instrument, he respects musicians and he respects music; plus, he's a funny guy to boot."
--- Eric Reed
"Listening to Mike Gurrola play bass with Jonesy [Mike Jones] at once inspires and discourages me. I'll keep playing knowing that I'll never be that good but I can hold on to the fact that more people have walked on the moon than have ever played bass that well."
--- Penn Jillette (world renowned magician)
liner notes of Mike Jones' Plays Well With Others
"Mike Gurrola shares all the very best attributes that I look for in a partner in the rhythm section. His time feeling is strong and welcoming. His intonation is right on the money. His sound is big and warm. As a soloist, Mike is very creative and very clear as far as 'making the changes' are concerned; you always know where he is in the forms of the songs. In short, Mike has become my 'first call' when I need a great bass player. It's astounding for me to realize that he's only in his early twenties and already plays at this very high level."
--- Barry Zweig